Total Training Tutorial DVD Set for Adobe Premiere Pro 1.5 Software.

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Total Training Tutorial DVD Set for Adobe Premiere Pro 1.5 Software.

Total Training Tutorial DVD Set for Adobe Premiere Pro 1.5 Software. Rating:
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Improving upon Premiere Pro, its completely re-engineered nonlinear video editing program, Adobe has released version 1.5 of the software with a slew of new features, including Bezier key frames, Auto-Color/Levels, the Project Manager, pre- and post-processing with the Adobe Media Encoder, and a host of other enhancements. And to respond to this new release, Total Training has developed a new addition to its instructional series with Total Training for Adobe Premiere Pro 1.5. In this seven-DVD set (including a unique disc for What's New in Adobe Premiere Pro1.5), filmmaker and author Jacob Rosenberg leads viewers through the program's revolutionary environment for frame-accurate, real time digital video and audio editing, and introduces the features that are seen for the first time in version1.5. After an extensive overview of the entire application, Total Training for Adobe Premiere Pro 1.5 jumps into workflow lessons that take you from start to finish with the task at hand. From DV editing and output back to tape, to learning how to add motion to your photographs for compelling photo montages, you'll get a ton of valuable instruction. The first two sets cover audio, video, motion effects, and recording custom voiceover tracks. Set 3 leaps beyond the basics and gets your hands dirty with multiple camera editing lessons, green screen keying, color correction, surround sound mixing, and much more. And unique to this series, Jacob opens up his library


  • Running Time: 17.5 Hours, 7 DVDs
  • Project Files: Included
  • Experience Level: Beginner Through Advanced
  • Use Bezier keyframe controls to develop more natural effects
  • Utilize Auto-Color / Levels to quickly enhance image quality

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