Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 [Download]

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Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 [Download]

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Product Description

Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 software is the industry-leading cross-platform video editing software. Edit low-resolution to 5K and higher resolution footage with greater speed and precision without transcoding. Get stunning 64-bit performance, highly intuitive workflows, enabled for timesaving Adobe integration, and project exchange with Final Cut Pro and Avid NLE software. Stabilize footage with the innovative Warp Stabilizer, easily create and edit multicam sequences, adjust effects in real time during playback, and quickly encode finished video for virtually any screen.


  • Sleek, highly intuitive, and customizable user interface - View more of your media with redesigned monitor panels, customizable button bars, and full-screen mode option.
  • Fluid editing workflow - Take advantage of the most requested editing enhancements, including over 50 enhancements to smooth the transition for those switching from another NLE.
  • Dynamic timeline trimming - Finesse your editing with precision using powerful trimming tools. Trim clips your way - directly in the timeline via keyboard entry or dynamically in the Program Monitor using JKL shortcuts.
  • Warp Stabilizer effect - Easily stabilize a bumpy camera move or lock a shot automatically with the same powerful technology as in After Effects software. The Warp Stabilizer removes jitter and compensates for rolling shutter artifacts.
  • Powerful multicam editing - Quickly and easily edit multicam footage from as many cameras as you have on the shoot. View each track?s audio waveform, sync via timecode, switch between tracks in real time, and adjust color across multiple shots.

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