Adobe Premiere Elements 10

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Adobe Premiere Elements 10

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Product Description

Turn milestone moments into memorable movies you'll share with pride. Adobe Premiere Elements 10-the newest version of the No. 1 selling consumer editing software-delivers automated moviemaking options that that help you create great-looking movies with less effort. Enhance your productions with professional-quality visual and audio effects. And then share them with your social network or on virtually any screen. Award winning for 10 years.


  • Take the work out of video editing with automated moviemaking options
  • Add professional polish with amazing visual and audio effects
  • Quickly showcase clips and movies anywhere, including on discs, HD TVs, Facebook, YouTube, and interactive Online Albums
  • Enjoy your photos and videos virtually anywhere you are, and get automatic online backup with 2GB of free storage
  • Adobe Premiere Elements 10 software helps you turn milestone moments into memorable movies with a complete video-editing solution

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